Should I Invest in Bitcoin? Latest on Crypto Strategies to multiply your btc A peer-to-peer crypto exchange is hosting six free online sessions to educate African consumers and businesses about Bitcoin. Paxful, the peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, is hosting a series of online sessions aimed at the African market. These one-hour events are designed to offer a compelling insight into cryptocurrencies for those who know little about what they are and their potential impact. Some of the continent’s best-known companies and individuals are also getting involved in the seminars.

Further seminars are due to take place later in the month, too. On June 11, Paxful hosted a discussion on the challenges of completing Know Your Customer checks in Africa and what is being done by prominent companies in the crypto space to overcome them.

Paxful’s June 16 session will be especially useful for those who have little to no knowledge about digital assets. Titled, “Back to Basics,” this event will simply explain what Bitcoin is, how it works, and how cryptocurrencies can be used in daily life.

Last but not least, the June 18 event will look at the world of crypto influencers — people whose insights and perspectives have won them thousands or even millions of followers. Here, a panel of experts will share their top tips for establishing credibility, building an audience, and making a living.

When the crypto exchange Luno wrote a report about the opportunities for disruption in Africa, it singled out legit bitcoin investment as a major player in the region’s crypto ecosystem.

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